How Were Your Yom Kippur Shoes?

Josh Zapin's Yom Kippur Shoes: Crocs Devario

Yom Kippur is truly one of Judaism’s most sacred holidays, if only because it brings millions of Jews together to unite and proclaim, “Man, bagels never tasted so good.”

Fasts have been broken; sins, atoned; and, hopefully, shoes well worn. We hope some of our recommendations influenced you this season, and we’d be thrilled to know how they worked out. My Yom Kippur Shoes are featured above: Crocs Devario Mesh. Did they fit? Were they comfortable? Were they stylish? Did your kids even notice? Or, better still—what did we miss?

That’s the dialogue we’d like to get started. We’d love to hear your comments on the blog, and tweets with the hashtag, #yomkippurshoes. By getting this conversation going, we’ll be better prepared for next year’s fashions, and prove that Jewish aesthetic identity can be more than just black hats and payot.

Top 7 Yom Kippur Shoes for Women in 2014

Let’s be frank for a moment: if you’ve found this website, you’re probably a woman. Sure, (some) men care about fashion (sometimes), but we’d bet that more husbands than wives are willing to toss on a comfy pair of garish old running shoes to show humility before the Lord. Women know that style matters when you’re out in public, and it’s in the spirit of avoiding clunky plastic footwear clashing with your new form-fitting dress that we’re pleased to offer these top seven Yom Kippur shoes for women.

These brands are mid-range prices and made totally without leather, making them a smart enough purchase to make even the Lord Himself jealous.



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Top 7 Yom Kippur Shoes for Men In 2014

When it comes to Yom Kippur shoes for men, they don’t have as much of a choice as the fairer sex. Men’s shoes styles are culturally limited to brown and black leather, with the biggest deciding factor being whether to opt for laces or a slip-on—oh, the difficult decisions!

Luckily, vegan-friendly trends have given men a full gamut of dress-up options for formal wear. And isn’t it nice to spice up your style with a little variety? These seven shoes are comfortably cushioned, aesthetically traditional and, most importantly, 100-percent leather-free and God-approved.


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Top 7 Yom Kippur Shoes for Girls In 2014

We imagine that girls must detest Yom Kippur, for there is perhaps no greater consumer of pretty shoes than young girls, and no other day so restrictive about footwear. But, thankfully, many Yom Kippur shoes for girls are inexpensive, and happen to bypass leather regardless—who wants to spend $100 making a shoe for a child who’ll outgrow it in six months?

So, no, these shoes won’t last very long, but they’ll last as long as your child needs, and will rarely set you back more than $50. Plus, as a bonus, they’ll look quite cute while they’re at it.



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